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MRC Wins - Best Multi-Sector Cleanroom Design Firm 2023!

For the third year in a row MRC Cleanroom Systems have been recognised as part of the MEA Markets (Middle East and Africa) regional business awards.

This year taking the title of "Best Multi-Sector Cleanroom Design Firm". MRCs CEO summarises the importance of this and how its great to gain recognition for such a critical part of MRCs wider product and service offerings -

"This year being recognised for both a multi-sector and design award is particularly satisfying. Being able to service multiple industries with the same critical technical know-how is such an important part of our offering. This focus allows us to provide not just world class products but the same level of high quality design and consultancy support across sectors such as life-sciences, aerospace, healthcare, micro-electronics and more. Our in-house design and engineering team play such a crucial role in turning a clients strategy into reality and we are very happy they have the recognition they deserve"

Samuel Hussain - CEO

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