MRC completes a Cosmetic Production Cleanroom based in UAE

MRC has recently completed a cleanroom for UAE based cosmetics company. The client develops, manufactures, and markets a portfolio of leading brands and products including facial injectables, plastics, etc.

Scope of the project :

Design, supply, and installation of the MRC GRP cleanroom system including paneling, HVAC, electrical services, and flooring.

Challenge :

MRC was approached by the client with a limited amount of time for the project execution; due to the modular cleanroom construction and careful design and planning, MRC successfully completed and validated the cleanroom in a very short period of time.

Current Status :

The project has been completed and validated. The cleanroom is up and running.

At MRC, we are ecstatic to be associated with companies from a wide range of industries and to work with progressive and innovative technologies. We recognize the importance of adhering to strict criteria when designing and building cleanrooms in accordance with ISO standards.

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