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MRC completes another cleanroom project for the UAE's leading technology group

MRC had been awarded the contract to design & build a key production facility for the UAE's leading advanced technology manufacturer, based out of Abu Dhabi.

Scope of the project :

Design, supply and installation of the MRC GRP cleanroom system including paneling, HVAC, electrical services and flooring.

Current Status :

Project is in the handover stage with 100% of Installation works completed.

MRC were able to secure this project because of their vast experience in the high-end engineering and technology industries. Most notably for this project, microelectronics maintenance and manufacturing. Particularly in the Middle East ,MRC have been involved with a huge number of relevant and similar facilities.

At MRC, we are extremely thrilled to be associated with companies building and progressing such innovative technology. Making waves not only in the Middle East, but globally.

For more details on our products and to talk to our cleanroom expert , write to us at

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