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MRC Cleanroom Recognised by WHO

An MRC Cleanroom facility, built for long term partner Biogeneric Pharma (BGP) based in Cairo Egypt, is being recognised as a tech transfer recipient by the WHO (World Health Organisation). BGP will be the first technology transfer recipient of mRNA vaccine hub in Egypt for Africa & low- and middle-income countries. This huge accomplishment is the fruit of both process and facility excellence. Achieved through a focus on quality and consistency.

The groundbreaking project aims to assist low- and middle-income countries in manufacturing mRNA vaccines on a scale and according to international standards, with the aim of ending much of the reliance of African countries on vaccine manufacturers outside the continent.

They received a WHO delegation headed by Mariângela Simão Assistant Director-General for Drug Access, Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals, whom was impressed by the facility and its technical capabilities from both asset and personnel perspectives.

We hope that Biogeneric enjoys a long and successful business in this field and we look forward to further collaborations.

If you want to discuss your cleanroom requirements with MRC don't hesitate to get in touch! Email us at today

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