MRC builds another compounding pharmacy in the UAE | Centric Compounding

MRC had been awarded the contract to design & build a cleanroom facility for the UAE's leading compounding products manufacturer, Centric compounding, based out of Dubai. Centric compounding adheres to American and European pharmaceutical compounding standards while preparing customized medications such as Anesthesia Products, Acne Products, Hair loss products etc.

Scope of the project :

Design, supply, and install the MRC GRP cleanroom system, including paneling, HVAC, and flooring.

MRC provided its world class GRP cleanroom paneling system along with MRC GRP doors and a range of complementary accessories and products including an integrated floor mounted transfer hatch/pass box, laminar flow units, Vanity Unit, Step over Bench and Cupboards.

This Compounding pharmacy constituted of areas with ISO classifications ranging from ISO 8,7,6 and 5.

Current Status :

The project is successfully validated and already in operation.

MRC was able to secure this project because of its vast experience i compounding pharmacy projects across Europe and the Middle East. MRC is delighted to have been associated with a company like Centric compounding who are pioneering the use new scientific technologies for producing and dispensing each of their customised prescriptions.

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