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GRP Doors | Hygienic Doors | MRC Doors

MRC's GRP doors are made of glass reinforced polyester and are smooth and seamless in design.

These doors can be used in various places and in wide range of applications like:

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitals

  • Life Sciences

  • Hotels/ Food Industry

  • Veterinary

  • Research Labs

  • Retail

Why should you chose GRP Doors?

  • Doors are designed with high technology manufacturing process.

  • These doors are crafted keeping hygiene in mind.

  • Hygienic GRP Doors does not harbor bacteria and can withstand a heavy cleaning regime compared to timber doors.

  • These #hygienicdoors are robust, durable and can be custom made in any RAL color.

  • MRC Doors can withstand different temperatures and doesn't have tendency to rust unlike any other metallic door.

MRC's range of GRP doors includes hinged GRP doors, double action GRP doors, sliding GRP doors, fire rated GRP doors. These doors are available in variety of designs, colors, and sizes. with up to 30min, 2-4 hours of fire rating.

We have built and installed #hygienedoors that were functional for over 25 years. We build doors that last.

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