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IT HAS RETURNED | The Next Generation of the MRCHPL Panel

The MRCHPL partition system is a new and improved version of the versatile, low-budget, clean line wall panel system from MRC. Specifically designed for cleanroom applications and hygienic environments. Focused as lower budget alternative to the renowned MRCGRP system.

MRCHPL is a double sided panel consisting of phenolic resin boards on both sides bonded to an customised integral aluminium subframe. The wall panel's surface provides a very high standard matt finish and gives a hard, non-porous, smooth, ledge free surface, easy to maintain and inert to organic and inorganic chemicals. MRCHPL has been designed to fully integrated with MRCGRP accessories and furnitures.

It's durability and resilience makes MRCHPL the best alternative option for any wide range of industries.

For enquiries, please contact us HERE.

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