MRC Key Features | Unique Cleanroom System

MRC designed the original GRP cleanroom panelling system. MRC's focus on innovation means our GRP system is widely considered the most technologically advanced cleanroom partition on the market. The panel manufacturing technique, couple with the GRP formulation and specification provides an impervious smooth surface which is inherently strong and resistant to damage and chemical attack.

Benefits of our unique systems:

1. Cannot rust, corrode or peel

2. High impact resistance

3. 100% repairable in position

4. No insulation required

5. Integral air return

6. Integrated furniture

7. Molded therefore no need for framework

The MRC GRP system is also the green way to build cleanrooms. This, combined with its clear advantages over the other cleanroom construction methods, make it the system of choice for many pharmaceutical manufacturers, aerospace and healthcare worldwide.

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