MRC | Leading The Way In Cleanroom Design

Cleanroom technology has provided the manufacturing industry the means to control their environment, protecting their products and processes from unwanted contaminant and external influences.

The development of cleanrooms demand a close coordination of building and engineering discipline with an understanding of the use of the facility. A successful facility requires the application of multi-disciplinary skills and an appropriate selection of materials.

MRC Systems offers the multi-disciplinary skills and a range of unique cleanroom design & construction materials, committed to providing the highest quality to our clients in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, aerospace, micro-electronics and high-technology industries.

MRC employs a team of in-house HVAC, mechanical and electrical engineers to ensure that the integration of all services is efficient and professional. MRC also employs in-house cleanroom and pharmaceutical consultants to offer design engineering assistance and complete studies from conceptual stage through to detailed design. This ensures that when implementing any project, regardless of the scope of work, we can fully understand the clients requirements and process.

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