Modular Wall and Ceiling System

The system of wall and ceiling panels is fabricated from Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP). The panel manufacturing technique coupled with the formulation and specification, inherently provides an impervious smooth surface, resistant to mechanical damage and chemical attack. Scratches and abrasions are resisted by a thick resin rich surface (Gel-coat). The Gel-coat surface is available in any colour without the need of paint. All exposed surfaces are treated to present a smooth matte finish.

The standard MRC panels are 958mm wide and are linked together with 234mm wide infill panels, allowing the optimum gap silicone joint. The infill/service panel (occurring every 1200mm) are available for piped and electrical services and support pillars, should a secondary structure be required. This allows maximum flexibility to locate services at any time during construction.

Joints between the various wall panels are sealed flush with clear silicone sealant. This provides a totally airtight room, which prevents ingress or egress of particles, contaminant or fumigants.

Why MRC panels last many years longer than other:

  • Cannot rust or corrode like metal

  • Cannot crack like phenolic

  • Are extremely strong

  • Can be repaired invisibly on site

  • Smooth non-shedding material

  • Colours are mixed with resin; no paint

  • 100% Resistant to Hydrogen Peroxide and many other aggressive chemicals

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