MRC | The Most Advanced Modular Cleanroom Solutions

MRC do not just provide an innovative cleanroom panelling system, over the past 35 years we have developed the capabilities to undertake cleanroom projects on a turnkey basis. Including

  • Conceptual design

  • Supply and Installation

  • Cleanroom wall and ceiling panels, doors and accessories

  • HVAC system

  • Elecetrical services

  • Equipment and furniture fit outs

  • Validation and commissioning

MRC Systems have successfully combined these services to provide the most advanced cleanroom solutions for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, aerospace, micro-electronics and biopharmaceutical industries across the globe through a highly skilled team of in-house professionals giving help and total support at all stages of the cleanroom project.

We also offers a wide-range of cleanroom accessories and furnitures such as garment cupboards for your change room, air showers, pass boxes and many more.

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