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Meet MRC’s partner in Saudi Arabia: Masarat for Accreditation

Saudi Arabia has always been a key market for MRC Cleanrooms. Vast geography, varied industries, rapid development in the healthcare sector by the government and an upcoming hub for multinational companies makes it a desirable place to conduct business. MASARAT FOR ACCREDITATION has been MRC’S partner in the region for the past three years.

MASARAT FOR ACCREDITATION was founded in the year 2016 by Saudi expertise in the field of Biosafety and cleanrooms to provide service in contamination control and to help organizations comply with the accreditation requirements including SFDA, GMP, CBAHI, WHO, CAP, CDC, and many others. With a team of skilled engineers and subject matter experts trained in the UK and USA, the company offers a wide range of services that includes consultancy services in the field of cleanroom, biosafety, infection, and contamination control.

MRC has worked with MASARAT in various hospital, Pharma, and food-related projects and has built several state-of-the-art cleanrooms in the region.

Faisal AlRasheedi, Masarat’s founder and managing director says“ We established a partnership with MRC Systems; one of the leading cleanroom manufacturers in the world to provide Saudi market with the most innovative cleanroom technology in military, space & defense, pharmaceuticals, and other industries “.

Saudi Arabia‘s 2030 vision program 'National Industrial Development and Logistics Program' (NIDLP) is targeting to localize promising manufacturing industries, military and increase the local content in non-oil sectors. NIDLP is one of the key factors anticipated to boost the adoption of cleanroom technology in the coming years.

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