GRP vs Metallic | Advantages of MRC Cleanroom System

Above are the key issues normally raised during the normal technical review of bids and systems. There are many other considerations which I can include in this Comparison which will also show the GRP’s superiority over the metallic system. For example

  1. The ability to provide integral low level extract

  2. Its non sparking properties in areas of low humidity.

  3. Its class O rating for spread of flame (BS476 parts 6 and 7)

  4. Its ability to contain within it thickness many services, mezzanine columns etc leaving the cleanroom wall free from surface fixed services.

  5. The GRP doors are particularly important because in metallic systems the doors tend to be the first thing to fail.

  6. The GRP because it is moulded and is free from crevices is easier to clean and to keep clean.

  7. Because of its many features the GRP gets through validation tests faster than any other system.

  8. We can GO ON AND ON

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