MRC Systems | The Green Way To Build Cleanrooms

The MRC System is a composite product manufactured in a hand lay-up process in which woven glass fibers are impregnated with resin inside a mould and then left to cure at atmospheric pressure and room temperature.


Durability is another factor influencing the degree of environmental impact a product has. Extending the life of the cleanroom panels is another important way by which energy conservation can be achieved. MRC cleanrooms have been in continuous use for the last 35 years. Metal based systems rarely last more then 5 years and only with a very high level of maintenance, consuming more energy in the process.

What about the plastic waste?

It has long been suggested that non-biodegradability of plastics could present a problem in the long term disposal of products made from plastics. This may be so in some cases but not in the case of the MRC GRP panels which can be dismantled, cleaned, repaired and reused. We have successfully done this for a number of customers who wanted to relocate their cleanrooms or who have sold them to a third party.

The MRC GRP system is the green way to build cleanrooms. This, combined with its clear advantages over the other cleanroom construction methods, make it the system of choice for many pharmaceutical manufacturers, aerospace and healthcare worldwide.

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