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The MRC Design Team - Give your project the best start

The detailed design phase of any new facility project is critical for many reasons. Ensuring you are getting the best value-add from your cleanroom contractor, no compromises on site, ensuring that integration between contractors is planned and managed, visualising and making key decisions that affect the look and performance of the facility... and more..

Ultimately a well managed detailed design saves time, money, improves the quality of the final installation and ensures a smooth coordination between contractors.

That is where the MRC design team comes in. We are not just a panel supplier, we are a project partner. Providing detailed and comprehensive design support to ensure an easier and more cost effective journey for everyone. Achieved through a combination of a dedicated team as well as access to industry leading design tools such as our 3D visualisations.

Also through state-of-the-art visualisation and simulation software MRC can demonstrate, assess and comment on the air flow mixing within your current or planned cleanroom facility. Taking into consideration velocities and supply diffusion as well as the impact on the shape of the room and internal equipment and furniture.

Are you an end user - Choose MRC as your next cleanroom project partner.

Are you another cleanroom contractor - Choose MRC as your cleanroom partition manufacturing partner. |